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Mrs.  Susie  Brown
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Principal's Corner

Something about Holly Springs

     Welcome to Holly Springs Intermediate School’s 2016-2017 academic school year.  I am excited about all the possibilities awaiting our school and city.  I often ponder the things specific to Holly Springs, and I am reminded of the awesome opportunity provided to me to serve in this community.  I think about the rich history and all the great men and women who fought for equal opportunity and equal access for all citizens.  A native that comes to mind is Ida B. Wells and all of her great accomplishments which impacted the city and nation.   I think about Rust College and its long partnership with our public schools and how the partnership has ensured a more educated community.  Rust College’s historical significance is still relevant today. 

     It is not only the aforementioned rich heritage of Holly Springs that captures my heart, but it’s the kind gestures such as the respect given as a funeral procession passes by.  It is the smiles and friendly waves I receive as I drive through town.  I love to see the older men and women mentoring the next generation.  It’s the many families who have come through the Holly Springs School District, and the parents who take the time to tell the stories about when they were students at the Intermediate School.  My favorite story is when my father-in-law talked about his high school days in the Sims building, or when my uncle talks about his first grade memories in Frazier One.   

     I said all of this just to say that it is something about Holly Springs that makes me strive to be a better principal and woman.

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